Why Tantalus?



Long ago, there was once a king named Tantalus. He had been so graced by the gods that he was often invited to Mt Olympus to dine with them. However, he let his greed get the better of him, and spat in the god’s face. He stole from them, and disrespected them. Zeus, and his ilk, were surprisingly forgiving and did not do anything to harm him, and in an ill conceived attempt to make it up to them he killed his son, and offered him as a sacrifice to them. The deities of Mt Olympus could not allow such a terrible crime to happen, so they sent him to the depths of Tartarus as punishment.

There, he rotted and he was forced to go hungry and thirsty for all of eternity. To add insult to injury, they made him stand on a lake that had a depth about the height of his knee. Every time he tried to take a drink, the water would evaporate. In the same vein, there were branches with the juiciest fruit all around him, but when he tried reaching for them, the branches would move just out of reach.

I believe that Tantalus represents us in more ways than one. We are born into a universe of infinite possibilities, and what do we do with those unbelievable gifts? We squander them, and do the exact same thing everyone else does and never quite use our possibilities to their full potential. Later in life, we try to make up for how empty our existences with some sort of grand gesture: and we buy expensive cars because we think they bring happiness; or we celebrate valentines because we’ve not appreciated our significant other for the rest of the 364 days of the year; or we starve ourselves because we realize we’ve been horrible at caring for our health, and the list goes on…

In other words, instead of finding a happy medium, we’re constantly wanting what we do not have, or need. This results in most people living wretched existences where they never actually achieve a stable state of happiness. I think it is high time to change this, to be reborn, which is why I will do my utmost to try to break through the barriers that get in the way of our happiness. If you enjoy the odd tale, the random musing or just want to share the journey, I welcome you.


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