In Defence of Pickup Artists


Ever since the publication of “The Game” by Niall Strauss in 2005, the term “pickup” has become a dirty word. I don’t blame society for associating the term with a skeevy underbelly of humanity. What else were they supposed to make of the weirdos who purposefully dressed in silly clothing and went out trying to fuck anything with a hole between their legs by saying mean things to them?

This crass imagery has persisted for the last decade, and it’s unlikely to leave us any time soon. But, if for nothing more than wanting to play devil’s advocate and for the benefit of my limited audience, I’d like to come to the pickup community’s defence. I, among possibly millions of others, was also introduced to the idea of being able to approach women anywhere because of that book.

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Tyranny by numbers – or why being stupid can sometimes be good


Imagine if you will, a world of such mathematical exactitude that a formula is devised. This formula is nothing short of magical, for it can predict what truly makes a man happy. This equation knows nothing else but the contents of your heart and how best to achieve them. It can tell you whom to love for the happiest life, what to eat for the most satisfying and nutritious meals that your body needs, what to do to be satisfied, and what choices to make so as to have no regrets.

On first instance, this seems like a miracle from the Heavens. After all, who doesn’t want to be happy? Nobody wakes up wanting to be miserable, it’s just that life has this way of piling up such emotional weight on you at times, that it’s difficult to carry all that, as well as lift your frown. So, naturally, you’ll try to use such a formula.

What perhaps you’ll realise is what I did a couple of days ago. For the first time, in a long while, I am in a large city – Zagreb, to be precise. I decided that it had been some time since I had a Summer romance. I fondly remember what I used to have in the past, and thus I decided to try to recreate it.

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Lessons in Pop Culture II: Standup can teach you what women want


Estimated Time: 3 minutes

Regarding Comedy and building connections in dating & life:

I have always had a very dark sense of humour, more often than not it got me into trouble. However, as of late I have realized that if you are assertive and authoritative enough, you can get away with murder when making jokes. You can say something that in other instances would get you slapped and they will love you all the more, it’s something I had yet to understand fully, but it yielded results so I didn’t question it.

That being said, it always bugged me that there were certain jokes which you cannot make under any situation, or you risk upsetting people – regardless of what your frame is. This haunted me until just now where I was watching an HBO special with multiple comedians discussing comedy, in it Chris Rock says that the key for a joke not to be evil is to be directed at people’s actions, not who they are.

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