The Comfort Trap

2016-12-25 17.14.20

Well, it’s been almost half a year since I last updated this collection of my writings, last we spoke I’d recently thought I was getting drugged and robbed in the desert, and I had made a fool out of myself on that last leg of climbing a mountain. But overall, I lived in terror, trying but failing miserably from escaping my destiny of having to go back to Mexico.

Fortunately for me though, one of the several hundred job applications I’d sent out in the last few months actually bore fruit and I got an online interview. Unfortunately for me though, at the time I was in one of the hippiest hostels I’d ever been at, where it wasn’t uncommon to see the guests making opium tea and smoking pot whilst sometimes screaming about their drug use to anyone in earshot.

Needless to say, this wasn’t the ideal place to have an interview at; but I managed to find a corner of a room where I more or less pretended everything was in order, and it all went according to plan.

Fast forward a couple months, where I had to go back to Mexico for the UK visa and I’m finally back in London working as a financial journalist. It took over a year of struggling, applying to dozens of jobs per day (with the final tally being upwards of 800!) but it worked out, despite having essentially given up at one point. To say I’m ecstatic does not begin to cover it, not only did I beat the odds but managed to come out on top as well.

There was certainly a sizeable portion of luck involved but this would’ve been close to impossible without putting considerable amount of effort on my end as well. I guess this the key to life: to take enough punches and keep fighting until you get a lucky break.

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How to go from shy to smooth – a personal story

2015-06-27 19.48.35I’ve become a very different and better person these past two years, there’s no denying that. Not long ago, getting a hug from a woman used to be a huge victory for me – it was only by going through several hundred horrible experiences that I started getting good at interacting with women. In the past, I used to look at couples, and wonder to myself how they did it. It is at this point, at which I came around to reading books like “The Game,” not much came from that. Sure, it opened to me the possibility that social skills were a skill just like any other, and they could be improved through learning the right techniques and practice. Nevertheless, my applications of concepts like Kino (using touch strategically to express sexual desire) and such left much to be desired – more than one woman rightfully  told me to go away after misapplying the ideas I read about.

That being said, it gave me marginally better results than I’d seen in my life, so I kept at it. It’s at this point, at which I made my way to university. During the first week at university, I realized that in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. Almost everyone, in any social setting, is suffering from some sort of mental anxiety or insecurity with other people. It’s the reason for why some men seek to overcompensate by being the loudest guys at the party, the drunkest, the most gentlemanly, or the most well-built; anything in an ill-conceived attempt to be the outlier, as being average is mediocre and boring. Continue reading “How to go from shy to smooth – a personal story”