Hostel Fondle – or why all miseries shall soon pass

2016-07-01 12.20.34

I’m writing this article on my phone from my hostel bed late at night, because this is how I deal with stuff – I write. I’m currently in Split, Croatia. Wishing that the infernal creaking of the bed springs next to me would stop.

In the bed adjacent to me there’s a pair of irrefutably drunk tourists having sex. Paying no mind to any passing soul that comes by. A part of me feels angry, disgruntled that they don’t have the decency to go to a romantic toilet stall, just like any other proper fellow might have done (Truth be told, I have never understood bathroom pulls either, smelly and disgusting is not on my sexual bucket list). But if I am quite frank, what I think most people would not admit to, but I will, is that I cannot help but feel jealousy just as well.

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Tyranny by numbers – or why being stupid can sometimes be good


Imagine if you will, a world of such mathematical exactitude that a formula is devised. This formula is nothing short of magical, for it can predict what truly makes a man happy. This equation knows nothing else but the contents of your heart and how best to achieve them. It can tell you whom to love for the happiest life, what to eat for the most satisfying and nutritious meals that your body needs, what to do to be satisfied, and what choices to make so as to have no regrets.

On first instance, this seems like a miracle from the Heavens. After all, who doesn’t want to be happy? Nobody wakes up wanting to be miserable, it’s just that life has this way of piling up such emotional weight on you at times, that it’s difficult to carry all that, as well as lift your frown. So, naturally, you’ll try to use such a formula.

What perhaps you’ll realise is what I did a couple of days ago. For the first time, in a long while, I am in a large city – Zagreb, to be precise. I decided that it had been some time since I had a Summer romance. I fondly remember what I used to have in the past, and thus I decided to try to recreate it.

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Thoughts on the Past

Dear L,

I write this letter because tonight, as I was sitting stone-cold sober on my friend’s couch, whilst listening to him drunkenly ramble on about relationships, I made a horrifying discovery. This discovery struck me to the very core, like a speeding truck crashing against a brick wall. The realisation made me feel ill, nauseous even, and I desperately felt I had to do something. This letter is that something, as I think I need to bring some issues to light.

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Beauty and the Bitch – The Truth about Shit-tests


Often, when you talk with men about women they seem to have this underlying feeling of anger. They’ll snarl in annoyance that girls are bitchy, hypocritical and slutty. However, in the next breath they’ll say that women are too uptight. I think this viewpoint stems from a fundamental misunderstanding of gender differences. Women and men are complementary to each other. One’s weaknesses are the other’s strengths, and vice versa. Interactions between men and women are a very complicated dance; we both have fundamentally different viewpoints on reality itself, and we have opposing mating strategies to go along with them.

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