2015-06-27 19.48.35Hello, my name’s Richard, I’m a twenty-three year old recent graduate with a passion for travel. After much soul searching, I have come to the conclusion that we are the builders of our own world, be it for evil or good.

I remember reading about this man, Ibn Battuta, who travelled the world in the fourteenth century and wrote about his adventures, he famously described the Pyramids of Egypt as a bunch of rocks, but he also said that travel leaves you speechless, and it also makes you into a storyteller. Having said this, I think a lot of authors of travel blogs are often borderline diabetic due to all the saccharine they consume, so I’ll make honesty my policy. Often planes are late, and you don’t always make lifelong friends or learn about the meaning of life, as some authors often imply. In the end though, most difficulties are worth it.

I have decided to be myself in life, if I resonate with people I will make them my lifelong friends, if not, I will do my best to forget them. I travel the world because I want to understand what makes people, people, be it through history, art, or just meeting others whenever I have the chance. Sometimes it goes well, and I have a new story of action, romance, or even both. A lot of the times, my attempts at meeting people just result in a fun, hilarious story, so stick around, there’s enough comedy and adventure to be had.


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