The Blog is dead, long live the new blog!

Hello, you might’ve been wondering where I’ve recently been. Well, I’ve started working as a financial journalist in London, been practising martial arts, wrote a book and published it.

Long story short, I’ve moved on from this blog. So I’m making my transition over to my new author website. You’re more than welcome to subscribe and follow me there, as I’m publishing weekly material there (videos, podcasts, articles and more).

If you’re interested in checking out my book, you’re very welcome to do so. It’s called Cavemen with Smartphones: how evolution shaped history and finance – I’d highly recommend it if you’re even remotely interested in the topic. I’m very proud of how it ultimately came out and initial reviews are promising as well.

I’ve also started publishing Youtube video – I’ve left my most recent one below. I hope you enjoy it!


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